About Basketball Street

Basketball Street is a super fun game that gives you a great feeling. Play with your friends. It's time for you to shine with your pitching abilities.

Basketball Street has several hard and exciting levels where you may practice your shooting and dunking talents. Keep your sights on the basket and attempt to score points from the ideal angle. Is it possible to set a new world record without running out of balls? Because the ball has a propensity of bouncing away, have a tight grip on it with your hands. You've come to the correct spot if you want to push yourself and put your skills to the test. This game has no character, just a ball, and a basket. If you want to play a basketball game with characters, you should play Basketball Stars.

Basketball Street brings challenges to you without opponents

In this popular game, your goal is to score as many points as possible before all of your basketballs are used up. Although there are no opponent teams, you can expect some hurdles! The distance between the ball and the basket can confuse you. Each time you throw, the ball will change new position. It can be under the basket or far from the basket. If it is far from the basket, you need to calculate correctly.

Be the best basketball player in the Basketball Street game

To play the game, use your mouse to click anywhere on the screen. You may modify the angle and force of your shot by dragging your cursor while pressing the left mouse button. The amount of balls available is shown in the top left corner. When you lose all of these balls, the game is over. But don't be concerned! You may refresh your supply with each score! Other relevant information is also provided in the top centre of the screen. Each game round gives you ten shots; after you've used them all, you may go on to the next level. The game may be played anywhere, from a traditional basketball court to the countryside. Each round has another background. Earn the greatest possible score to demonstrate your ability!

Some things for players about Basketball Street

This game is designed with many kinds of backgrounds. Therefore, you won't be bored when you advance the roundup.

The game offers many rounds to play. You will move to the next round when you shoot enough 10 balls into the basket. Of course, your remaining number of balls will not be less than 1 ball.

If you shoot a ball into the hoop successfully, you will get an extra ball. Therefore, if you keep making successful shots continuously, your number of balls never runs out.

The platform of this game

Basketball Street has HTML5 technology, so you can play on mobile or desktop. It is also suitable for all ages. Children can play this game because it has simple control as the Basket Fall game.

How to control

  • Drag the mouse to play
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