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Volleyball Challenge


About Volleyball Challenge

Welcome to the fun sports game Volleyball Challenge, where you will be delighted with dramatic matches created yourself. Rivals are trying to challenge you.

You'll be serving and assaulting your opponents as you play this vibrant and flamboyant sports game! Put in your best effort to serve, smash, block, drive, and throw in order to gain those important points.
Your abilities are the only thing standing between you and victory.

Little tips

Build up the SKILLS of your character by increasing your numbers in a variety of categories, such as your serve power and strength, your endurance, or your assault!

Activate SUPERPOWERS in this action-packed sports game, you'll have access to a wide variety of special abilities, including fireballs, disappearing spheres, superspeed, blocks, and many more; start the game right away to see all of these for yourself!

If you are successful in your battles, you will be rewarded with a large selection of additional costumes to choose from as well as packages containing incredible contents to uncover. Bring fear to the hearts of your adversaries when they see your character!

The playing instruction

  • Use the WASD key to move
  • To strike the button, press the C key.
  • V to advance
  • B to utilize your capabilities if they are equipped with you at the time.

You should try your hand at winning both solitaries battles, which will consist of one-and-done, as well as competitions, and then use the money you make to purchase new abilities, new costumes, and other new things for the games.

If you are able to get the ball to your opponent's side after it has crossed the net, you will receive a point. Also, the person who is the first to get to 11 points will win the match. If you want to win the whole competition, you need to take at least two of the three games. Since you now have an understanding of it, you can get started right away, and I encourage you to remain around because we are not even close to being finished with online sports activities at this point.

Fun features

  • There are a lot of stages.
  • Setting for either 1 or 2 opponents.
  • Tournaments with a special twist.
  • Individualization of skins
  • Skill development
  • Obtainable to win parcels containing prizes.
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