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Drive Mad


About Drive Mad

Are you ready to experience the exciting moments that the Drive Mad game brings you? This is a very fun driving game for you to enjoy your relaxing time.

Most of the time when playing driving games, you will race at a very fast speed. However, things will be different once Drive Mad is released. Your car is not moving at high speed but it is moving at a safe speed things are not easy when your road is the biggest obstacle. You just need to make sure that the car is always safe. This game offers various challenges, which can keep you entertained for longer.

Navigate challenging landscapes with ingenuity.

You might spot rickety rope bridges or steep stairs. The mountains are another source of difficulty for you. It is essential that you go forward and backward properly. Your vehicle needs to reverse to gain speed uphill. No U-turn is possible, so use extreme caution. If you turn the car around, you will fail. Now is the time to test your abilities. As you progress to higher stages, the challenges you face will become more and more difficult.

The action included in Drive Mad

Because the instructions are very simple, you will quickly enjoy playing this game. A perfect result is to reach the destination. However, becoming an expert in this game is not an easy task.

The gameplay

If you want to move forward in the race, tap or press on the right side of the screen and then hold it, and if you want to move rearward, do the same thing but on the left side of the screen.

Determine the best way to drive, and if you fail in one way once, try not to repeat that mistake. Sometimes you will have to balance the vehicle forward and backward in order to get through difficult places. If this happens to you, figure out the best way to drive.

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