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Slope 3


About Slope 3

Slope 3 is a confusing challenge game that needs your courage and sensitivity to overcome all barriers. The ball is rolling in space waiting for you to control

Control a ball that is moving down a hill while avoiding obstacles and maintaining focus on the route is your goal. The ideal scenario would be to go as far as you could without hitting any obstacles or tumbling into a void. The ball rolls on the track more quickly the farther you go in the race. As far as you can travel, the ball begins off going slowly and becomes quicker. Each successful leap you make will result in an additional point being added to your score. Since there are no levels or stages and the track is unending, try to keep the ball under control for as long as you can. Obtain your score to go up the leaderboard to the position of the most wonderful player. Be cautious, however, and keep an eye on the ball and the never-ending racecourse. On the slopes, there are a lot of wild moving obstacles, perilous pits, bottlenecks, and challenging stuff. Additionally, the ball has the ability to react instantly to even tiny adjustments. Because the ball might fall into the depths, you shouldn't hold the keyboard keys for too long.

When you first start playing this game, you may assume that the controls and gameplay are straightforward. It's often assumed that all you need to drive and avoid obstacles is a keyboard with arrow keys. Yes, but not entirely. It takes more effort than you may think to master this game. Why? The tremendous speed of the ball in this game, which demands precise reactions and quick hand speed, contributes to its degree of difficulty. In addition, the slope obstacles change in difficulty as you go through the race.

The basic slope game mechanics and elegant design with vibrant 3D neon images give the game its appeal. The game's design also took into consideration the fundamental laws of physics, making it as realistic as possible while having a virtual appearance. They all led to the unexpected attractiveness of Slope 3. After a long day of studying or working, you might lose yourself in the virtual world to pass the time on the playground. The game will be perfect if you're bored or stressed out and want to find a method to relax while also recharging your batteries.

How to control

  • Play with the arrow or A/D keys to avoid obstacles on the slope.
  • A/Left arrow = Move left
  • D/Right arrow = Move right

Tips to get the high score

  • Keep the ball in the middle of the track
  • Plan your moves while the ball is rolling
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