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Monkey Mart


About Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a leisure management game for you to experience owning and developing a supermarket system. It's time to show off your business talent.

In this game, you will transform into a monkey to start the business of a supermarket first. Your job is to use the money provided to buy plant varieties to serve the shopping needs of customers. At first, it may seem difficult because you have to do everything alone from planting, harvesting, displaying on shelves, cashier...but don't worry everything will be resolved soon. When you make your customers happy, they will come back to support you, from which the amount of money in your wallet will increase to help you pay for your staff.

Engaging gameplay

The player has the option of using the WASD or arrow keys on their keyboard to control the direction in which the monkey moves. Your mobility is not in the least bit constrained in any way, and the monkey will move in a light, hopping fashion as it follows you about while you go about your business.

Things to do when getting started

The very first thing that will draw your attention is a square station that has a sign for money in the exact center of it. Your job duties include going inside the station to collect the cash that has been dropped there. Because you will need financial support in order to establish your firm, this game will provide you with two free cash stations. This is in acknowledgment of the fact that you will need financial backing. After that, you need to start working immediately on the real job at hand. When it is time to go on to the next phase in the process, you will come across stations that contain symbols for items like bananas, corn, cows, milk, chicks, eggs, and so on. These symbols will indicate what you need to do to proceed. You will get an understanding of the obligations that have been delegated to you whenever you come across such symbols.

I played this game right after it was released and found that this game has a lot of great benefits that are not only highly entertaining but also help me imagine the difficulty of starting a business. So far, I have a supermarket chain in the game, I hope that your business management when participating in the game Monkey Mart will also have many advantages.

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