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Basketball Legends 2022 Unblocked


About Basketball Legends 2022 Unblocked

Basketball Legends 2022 Unblocked is a game you cannot refuse because of its appeal if you are a true sports lover. This game space will make you fall in love.

Welcome to the basketball world, where you play as a professional player. In this game, you must take the ball from opponents and shoot it into their baskets. The game offers three modes: 1 player, two players, and quick match. The one player also gives you three sub-mode, including tournament, random match, and training. You have a chance to compete with opponents for one minute to gain more points in tournaments and random matches. The training mode is for players who want to get used to the skills and control characters. In 2 players mode, you can play with your friend. You and your friend will be the opponent, and those who get more points will be the final winner. You can select to play in teams of 2 members or one member. Finally, you will battle with the opponent for one minute in a quick match. All the modes have different features, but they have the same rule: score more points into the opponent's basket before time’s up to get the final victory. Sometimes, you can use special skills like freezing your basket or super shot.

How to play

  • Instruction: L|X: Shoot/Steal K|Z: Supershot Down
  • Player 1: Arrow: Move L|X: Shoot/Steal Pump/Block is indicated with an arrow.
  • WASD: Move L|B: Shoot/Steal K|V: Supershot S: Pump/Block
  • Player 2: WASD: Move
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