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Basket Fall


About Basket Fall

Basket Fall is a new online basketball game which is developed by QkyGames. Your objective is to tap to drop the ball into the movable baskets.

Are you ready to experience an exciting basketball game in Basket Fall? Be careful as this game will not look like a regular basketball game! The difference here is, that the basket will move instead of the ball. Are you ready to set a new record in this game? The basketball court is waiting for you and welcomes you to prove yourself! One more thing, Basket Fall has no characters, unlike Head Sports Basketball which has many basketball legends. In this game, you only see a ball and a basket. Use your skills to conquer this game. Are you ready to awaken your inner great basketball skills and become a basketball legend?

The platform for Basket Fall

Interestingly, Basket Fall is playable online as an HTML5 game, you can play it without installing it. Moreover, the game can be playable on any platform (desktop or smartphone). Therefore, you can play this game every time you want.

The main target in the Basket Fall game

In this game, your goal is to score as many points as possible. When you hit the basket once, you score one point. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, you will have to think again when you experience this game. You only have three balls for each level. You have to throw the final ball to advance the level up. Combine all your calculation and reaction skills to pass the game.

Shot the ball into the basket in Basket Fall

The ball remains in the same position on the basketball court, and the hoop moves continuously. You need to have excellent hand-eye coordination skills to win this game. Aim for the ring and when you're ready, tap the screen. Basketball Fall has simple gameplay, but it requires great calculation. Calculate the moves of the basket and wait for the perfect moment to drop the ball and score. The distance between the basket and ball is very important to scoring. The basket will move more quickly and unpredictably in the next throws.

You should remember that you only have 3 lives. If you miss 3 shots, you will have to start the game again! Don't worry you are always welcome to try again and beat your top score. When you play more times, you will have more experience. Start playing now and see how fast your reflexes are!

Benefits of playing Basket Fall

This is a sports game with simple control, so children can have fun with this game in their free time. It will help increase their reaction and estimate skills. Adults play Basket Fall to entertain after a long day. They can clear their mind with awesome throws. How about you? What advantages does this game bring to you? Besides Basket Fall, you can try Basketball Stars to relax.

How to control

  • Click the mouse to shoot the ball
  • Tap on the screen to play if you play on mobile and tablet
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