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About Bloxd.io

Are you ready to challenge yourself in the different modes that the Bloxd.io game brings? This game features parkour and graphics of the famous Minecraft.

Inspired by the very popular Minecraft game Bloxd.io gives every player a very unique experience. Players will transform into characters that perform jumps similar to those in parkour games.

As I initially introduced this game has a lot of modes for players to choose from. Depending on which mode you choose to play, game modes include both creative parkour and sandbox, in addition to traditional combat gameplay.

How to play in modes

In the confines of BloxdHop game mode, your goal is to race against time to reach the end of the level. To complete the level you will need to do a parkour jump on various-sized blocks.

This gameplay is quite similar to drawing games like Gartic. Participants build things up depending on the topic given, then other users vote on how representative those objects are to the topic.

The goal is to get it to the top of the Tower of Evil! The gameplay is quite similar to that of BloxdHop and it requires you to use your parkour talents to progress. The Hell Tower in Roblox was the inspiration for EvilTower.

In Minecraft, Peace Mode is similar to Creative Mode. You can freely go through this area, collecting materials and building buildings.

The battles in this game mode are quite interesting. You'll be pitted against other players in a third-person shooter environment, but you'll also have the ability to construct buildings.


  • WASD to move
  • To run, use Shift or double-tap the W key.
  • Bend by pressing C, Z, or the Caps Lock key.
  • Press the T or Enter key to start the conversation.
  • Press B to open the store soon
  • Press the / key to start executing the command

Controls for DoodleCube:

  • To position blocks, right-click.
  • Using the left mouse button will destroy any blocks you have placed.
  • To move blocks, use the number keys on the keyboard or the middle mouse
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