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Basket Swooshes


About Basket Swooshes

Basket Swooshes is an exciting sports game where you shoot a ball into the opponent's basket to get the point. Getting 11 points first to gain the victory.

People who love basketball can not ignore Basket Swooshes. It will turn you into a pro basketball player and participate in a big tournament. With easy gameplay like Hoops Champ 3D, you will have a relaxing time when playing the game. Moreover, the children can play the game to improve their estimated ability.

What devices can run the Basket Swooshes game

This game is playable in the web browser (desktop and mobile) because it is created with HTML5 technology. Now, it is available on our web. Let's come and challenge your skills now!

Take part in the NBA league in Basket Swooshes

Have you ever wanted to be a basketball star? Do you want to become a famous basketball player like in the Basketball Stars game? Basket Swooshes will turn your dream come true. You will participate in one of the biggest basketball tournaments in the world - the NBA league. In this game, you have to get the victory in three rounds with three different teams first. Then, you will get a ticket to enter the quarterfinal. If you win in the quarterfinal, you will joy the semi-final. Defeat the opposing team and get into the final. In this round, there is only one opposing team. You need to beat this final team and be the final winner.

Get a championship with your skills in Basketball Swooshes

You need to estimate the angle to throw the ball into the basket when playing the game. Swipe the mouse to adjust the grade, then click to throw the ball. Look at the ball's direction, and you can utilize it to see where the ball will reach. Don't let the finish point out of the basket. The character's position will change continuously, so you should wait for some seconds to stabilize your position. Please don't keep the ball or adjust the angle too slowly because whoever gets 11 points first will be the winner. However, you must win the previous round to unlock the next game. In this game, you can select your team from 32 countries such as Serbia, France, Italy, Jordan, Iran, etc. Try your best to earn your spot in the finals. Can you get the champion?

Win all rounds with simple tips in Basketball Swooshes

  • When you prepare to throw the ball, you see a dotted line. Utilize it to know the direction of the ball. Don't adjust the final dot of this line in the basket. Because the ball will hit the hoop and bounce out of the basket.
  • Be quick! Those who reach 11 points first will gain victory. Adjust the angle and strength and throw as fastly as possible.
  • Choosing your favorite team also affects your mood when playing this game. Of course, your good mood will motivate you to win the game.

How to control

  • Swipe the mouse to adjust the angle and click to throw the ball
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