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Hoops Champ 3D


About Hoops Champ 3D

Hoops Champ 3D is an interesting sports game in which you have to aim accurately and throw a basketball into many baskets. Are you the best dunker?

Play basketball with new gameplay. Do you want to try it? If yes, let's come to Hoop Champ 3D. You have a chance to experience beautiful graphics. Each basket is designed with a different appearance. The game seems easy but will be more difficult in the next levels. Our web has not only fun basketball games like Hoops Champ 3D but also thrilling games such as Basketball Stars.

How to conquer Hoops Champ 3D

Play this game now to practice dunking. In this game, you have to aim accurately and throw a basketball into many baskets. The basket will disappear after you score. It may be challenging for you to win the game as the baskets move constantly. Moreover, the number of basketballs that you use to throw is limited. If you run out of balls, you will lose. Try your best to get impressive slam dunks and remove all baskets to complete the level. You will claim a lot of tickets and stars after winning a level. Accumulate the tickets to unlock new ball skins in the shop. This game features more than 200 levels with different degrees of difficulty. Play it every day to accomplish all levels.

Before you throw the ball, you need to obverse the distance between the ball and the baskets. Then, adjust the ball direction by swiping the mouse to the finishing dot into the baskets. Sometimes, the basket will move, so you have to guess where it will move and shoot the ball. Moreover, when the ball hits the purple baskets, you will have a superball that can make more normal balls. Don’t wait anymore, let’s play.

What you can see after a level in Hoops Champ 3D

After completing a level, you will see your total score, including hoop points and streak points. Moreover, you also see the time you finish a level and the number of tickets you won. If you want x3 of these tickets, you can watch ads. Then, you can press the next level button to continue the competition.

Some things you may not know about Hoops Champ 3D

  • +200 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Therefore, you can play the game until you are bored. Can you pass all 200 levels?
  • Besides many levels, there are many balls for you to unlock. They can be colorful or a baseball, tennis ball, etc. You need to earn enough tickets to buy these balls.
  • The game takes bright tones as the main theme combined with vivid sound. This makes players feel more relaxed after a tiring working day.
  • With simple gameplay, this game is also suitable for children. It helps children practice their reflexes and estimation skills.

The platform of Hoops Champ 3D

You can play this game on the web browser thanks to HTML5 technology. Therefore, so it's not limited to device access. You can play the game every time you want.

How to control

  • Use the mouse to play
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