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Head Sports Basketball


About Head Sports Basketball

Head Sports Basketball is a game that will certainly not disappoint anyone because what this game brings is so excellent. Super classic matches waiting for you.

Head Sports Basketball is entirely available on our web to enjoy moments of entertainment! This game has the same gameplay as Basketball Stars. The game is a head-to-head basketball game where you can take on the challenge with various characters, settings, challenges, and more. To move, jump, shoot the ball and complete the goal, you must be flexible with your character. It sounds easy, but it is hard to master, so try your best to outrun your opponents.

How to be a winner in Head Sports Basketball

Move continuously to control the ball and defend against the opponent’s attack. You can kick the ball into the basket using your head or legs. The time isn’t waiting for you, so you must get as many points as possible. You will be the winner if you have more points than your opponent before time up. Select your favorite character, clothes, background, time attached, etc., to participate in a severe competition.

Setting before playing in Head Sports Basketball

The game has many fun characters inspired by many well-known basketball players worldwide. They are Raheem Sabbar, Milano Borkan, Nabile Neal, and Javad Rastad. Moreover, you can change your character's clothes and shoes. You even choose pink heels. Sound crazy, right? It is true in this game. Besides, you can customize the balls and playground.

You can select to start the competition on day or night. The weather can be rainy, snowy, and sunny. You also adjust the time of a match. You can choose 300, 240, 180, 120, or 60 seconds.

One more special thing, you can customize the expression of AI characters like happy, sad, or angry.

Let's set up a favorite match and start the game.

You will have various feelings when playing the game. Let's click and play the game.

What makes Head Sports Basketball an attractive game?

  • The graphics of this game are good. You can see the fun character with big heads. The characters are designed based on real basketball
  • legends. Choose your favorite player and customize their clothes to start a competition.
  • This sports game has simple control. Therefore, all ages can play this game. Especially, children can play this game which will help children love sports more.
  • As mentioned, you can change character, weather, background, etc before entering a match. This is a unique feature that can not be found in other basketball games.
  • Below the stands, there are many spectators watching you play. They are cheering for you. Will you be able to win?
  • You need to combine both calculation and control skills to be able to throw the ball into the basket. It sounds easy, but when you play, you will see the difficulties.

How to control this game

  • AD or left/right arrows to move W or up arrow to jump Space to shoot
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