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Xmas Rooftop Battles


About Xmas Rooftop Battles

Xmas Rooftop Battles is a fun fighting game to keep you entertained during the upcoming Christmas season. Put on your snowman hat and get ready for battle.

It's time for some entertaining competition in Xmas Rooftop Battles. There is a little snowfall and various Christmas decorations can be seen around. Although the rooftops may be freezing, no one can stop the various characters from engaging in combat! Take part in the battle as your character, and win!

Although exchanging gifts at Christmas is customary, some people believe it's time to shake things up! Join the group and do your best to eliminate as many opponents as you can in this multiplayer online game. Your goal is to triumph in every conflict and so unlock every character's skin. You may choose from three distinct play modes on the main menu. The tutorial is the first one, and it will help you become comfortable with the controls, goals, and game mechanics. Playing with two people is the following mode. In this mode, you may compete against a friend since you both use the same keyboard to play. The primary game mode, online fighting, is the last one. To be matched with an online opponent and engage in combat, click the find match button. A match winner needs to accumulate three points. You accomplish this by shooting your adversaries from the rooftop. Character skins are unlocked through winning games.

Release Date

  • December 16, 2019


  • DAB3 Games developed Xmas Rooftop Battles.


  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Easy controls
  • A multiplayer online option
  • 2-player capacity
  • Engrossing and compulsive video games
  • You can unlock 16 different character skins.

How to play

  • To shoot or jump, tap the controls or press W,E (or O,P).
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