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Vampire Survivors


About Vampire Survivors

If you love survival games, then Vampire Survivors is a choice you should not ignore. This is the most popular time-based survival game today.

All the demons in hell have escaped, they are everywhere so there will be nowhere to run. Your only option is to fight to save your life. Fight to live as long as possible until the inevitable death ends your ordeal. In each pass, you have to collect coins to buy improvements and support for the next survival.

Defeat tens of thousands of predators in the night and survive the sunrise! Vampire Survivors is an entertaining game that combines rogue-lite and roguelike gameplay components with a gothic horror setting. Thanks to the decisions you make, you can quickly strengthen your defense against hundreds of creatures that attack you.

Fend off waves of enemies, wipe out legions of creatures, and emerge from the experience as the lone survivor! There is no way to win an opposing force if one does not possess a variety of powerful weapons. This roguelike game has everything you want. Which is stronger: the crucifix, the garlic bulb, the Bible, or the mystical wand? All up to you.

If the battles in this game make you feel suffocated then relax a little with the game Basketball Stars it will help you breathe easier. Regain the fighting spirit.

Some useful tips

  • Initially, you should concentrate on leveling up one of your offensive weapons at a moment after purchasing two or three offensive weapons.
  • You have plenty of time to snag those valuable jewels and things because they won't disappear.
  • Investing some of your beginning money in power-ups like Armor and Luck is a smart move.
  • It doesn't cost anything extra to get your money back for unused power-ups, and you can always test out new improvement routes.


  • In this game agile movement is an advantage. You use the left mouse button to use the weapon.
  • Move with the WASD key.
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