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Unblock It


About Unblock It

Unblock It is a very interesting puzzle game where you need to use your intelligence to find a way to remove the colored wooden stick from the maze.

MarketJS created the puzzle game Unblock It. You must move wooden blocks in this puzzle game with a Zen block theme so that the blue-colored block may escape. To make it simpler to choose the proper sequence of movements, think carefully and practice your moves in your brain before executing them. To complete each problem, there are 24 difficult stages and an interactive tip system. Why are you holding out? Decongest it!

How to play

You use your mouse to drag the bricks around in the game. Drag a block to the desired location by hovering your cursor over it. Only certain blocks can be shifted up or down. Other blocks are only capable of left or right movement.

Once the red block can go to the right without being blocked by the light brown blocks, the blocks may be rearranged. When you can move the red brick all the way to the right, keep moving the other blocks. You have completed that level after you have moved the red block to the right side of the screen.

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