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Tricky Master


About Tricky Master

Mentally ready to confront evil teachers in the game Tricky Master. This is a puzzle game where you have to find a way to hide from the teacher.

In the eyes of students, teachers are always respectable people. They teach good lessons and knowledge to help students' futures become brighter, but besides that, there are still teachers she is cruel, they don't care about students and all the downsides. This is demonstrated in the game Tricky Master that I bring to you. This is a difficult puzzle game when you are stuck in a school where a teacher is more cruel than a witch. She is looking for you everywhere to get you out of school.

And right now you will transform into a boy named Tom and this boy is trying to steal a potion and escape from this scary school. But it seems that this task is very difficult, so your help is needed. This can be considered a breathless adventure when the evil teacher is always checking around the room. It's time to show off your gaming genius. Little Tom wants to get out of school immediately.

Although it is a newly released game, with features and beautiful graphics that are tuned to every small detail, your gaming experience is upgraded.

Guide play

When starting the game you will receive instructions on the screen, pay close attention to be able to master the game. On the left side of the screen, there will be a small map that simulates the rooms in the school. Please navigate the character Tom to move safely to avoid the eyes of the cruel teacher. As soon as you get caught, you will lose immediately.

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