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Tetris Unblocked


About Tetris Unblocked

Tetris Unblocked is a game with an extremely successful improved version that leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of players. How many points can you play?

The goal of this game is to arrange blocks of various shapes and sizes in a horizontal or vertical configuration that does not fall out of the grid. Tetris, as you would expect, becomes increasingly challenging as the level proceeds. Tetris' gameplay is straightforward: A rectangular grid with descending pieces at the bottom is shown. You must arrange these blocks such that they do not fall out of the grid while fitting as many pieces as possible into the available area.

The main difference between the original game and Tetris Unblocked is that the latter provides a distinct playing experience. Instead of blocks falling from top to bottom, you have complete control over where they land on the screen. The scoring method works both horizontally and vertically. Tetris' gameplay is drastically altered by a few minor modifications.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to move the puzzle pieces.
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