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Stumble Guys


About Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a game produced by Kitka Games and is also one of their most successful games. Many entertainment properties make you satisfied.

It's a fun, enjoyable action game with gameplay similar to Fall Guys. The game enables for up to 32 people to engage directly in one game. The players must overcome all obstacles along the way. The only and final survivor will triumph.

The biggest difference is due to the game's simplistic visuals and characters, but the ability to customize the character is still quite appealing.

The soundtrack is unique yet enjoyable, bringing back memories of games from the 1990s.

The game screen design is incredibly imaginative, similar to the original version, the barriers are strategically put in to deter players, and the level becomes progressively tough as the level progresses. The initial level necessitates the player's agility; you must master the speed and guide your character through the quickest obstacle to advance to the following round. Talent is no longer necessary in the second task, which is the memory challenge; instead, you must remember the location and be there at the appropriate moment.

There are many obstacles ahead for you to explore on your own, and the game is engaging enough for you to enjoy and play with your friends.

How to play

Step 1: Press the Play button to begin playing the game that the system has chosen for you.

Step 2: First, 32 people will play the game, with just 16 moving on to the next round. When the countdown meter hits one, you will have to compete with other players to go on to the next round.

Step 3: The game will be picked at random, although the difficulty will generally decrease as you go to the next round. The obstruction will be less severe than on the first screen, but the player will be unable to actively proceed on some second or third screens due to the slippery terrain. In addition, there are elimination games in which the player must be the last one standing.

Step 4: If the first round is successful, the number of survivors in the second round is reduced to just eight persons, who will compete in the final round to choose only one winner.

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