About Stick Soccer 3D

Stick Soccer 3D is a very interesting football game where you show your playing skills and strategic observation. If you are confident, join the match now.

One of the most thrilling new football games for two players on our website is Stick Soccer 3D, in which you play soccer on a stick football table with players that resemble tiny statuettes and move them around to hit the ball and score goals. You win if you outscore your opponent, just like in the actual sport!

Try out the finest Stick Soccer 3D game available online!
In the standard modes, either 1 Player or 2 Players, you must score more goals than your opponent to win. You must accomplish this before the match's clock expires, and you choose the match's length and stadium along with the teams. To get the upper hand, or, more accurately, the upper foot, attempt shooting at the optimum angle. Players take turns shooting the ball with their stick figures.

How to play

The two of you will use the mouse to establish your angle and power before dragging and releasing the mouse to aim and fire the ball.

In the Tournament mode, you must win every game in order to move through the brackets and claim the championship cup. In the Speed mode, you are immediately given a rival team that is being controlled by the computer and must defeat it regardless of the rules of the game.

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