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Spanish Liga 2016


About Spanish Liga 2016

Spanish Liga 2016 is an exciting soccer game where players try to win a string of games. The game features the two famous players of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. This physics-based game lets you experience how tough it was to win the Spanish Liga in 2016. Pick the team you want to play for and start your quest to win the 2016 La Liga. You have to be good at both offense and defense in this game: taking penalty shots and protecting your goal from other players. The team with the most points moves on to the next level, which keeps you practicing and getting better. You can direct your shoots with the mouse, and you have to act quickly to make your goalie jump in the right direction to block incoming shots.

How to Play

Select your team from the Spanish Liga.

Shoot penalties by clicking your mouse to set the direction.

Defend your goal by reacting quickly and making your goalie jump with mouse clicks.

Score goals to outmatch your opponents.

Advance to the next level by achieving the highest score in the league.

Enjoy the rivalry and challenge of competing for La Liga supremacy.

Improve your skills in both shooting and defending with each match.

Aim to win the 2016 Spanish Liga!

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