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Slope Ball


About Slope Ball

Slope Ball is an exciting space dribbling game where you can experience challenges for the first time. Are you confident to win these tough challenges?

You will take on the role of a ball with a variety of forms while using Slope Ball. The amusing part of the tale is that being a ball requires intelligence, fast thinking, and decisive action. The desire to explore other regions is always stoked by the spherical ball. The ball, however, becomes entangled in the rescue of new countries while traveling. This version features up to 5 huge lands on the planet you need to save. Each country in it is governed by a mascot. They are, however, cursed. They transformed into vicious beasts never seen before. T-Rex, Titanoboa, Quetzalcoatlus, Megatherium, and Megalodon have now altered versions of their former selves. It happened as a consequence of a stranger taking five polygon bricks and concealing them elsewhere. It is your responsibility to win races in order to get valuable stuff. The magic polygons are those. They serve as the planet's five mascots' magical counterbalance. There isn't a better technique to assist them in regaining their natural inclinations. They will once again securely guard the regions of this world. Here, the tranquil setting will return. Overcome the challenges to emerge as this planet's real savior!

How to play

To leap, click the left mouse button or hit the spacebar or up arrow key.

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