About Slime.lol

Slime.lol is a very attractive simulator where you can play many of your favourite sports. Don't let the name fool you, there are many  players to challenge you

Don't let the name fool you; Slime is a fun multiplayer volleyball, soccer, and basketball simulator, not disgusting alien overlord excrement. With Slime. LOL, you'll play volleyball, soccer, or basketball against a single opponent while carrying just a limited-use power shot and your number pad or W, A, S, D controller. You'll be up against a grin-sporting opponent who is out to eliminate you from the league. Move up the leaderboard by dominating the opposition with parries, dodges, power hits, and penalty kicks. Because of the realistic physics engine in this game, you can comprehend, foresee, and appropriately react to how the ball bounces.

If you pay attention, you will eventually learn where it will land when you strike it at a certain angle. This rewards long-term players who are paying attention and outsmarting, out spinning, and outplaying their opponents by utilizing their minds and reflexes. You must also employ your "power shot," a shooting type that offers you quicker, stronger serves, strikes, and shots, wisely. When used sparingly, this may startle your opponents and even award you a point unexpectedly. The number pad may be used to alter how you seem. To trick your opponent, play on their emotions.

How to play Slime.lol

The numeric keypad may be used to alter how you seem. Use your emotions to trick your opponent. Gameplay Instructions / Controls: ARROWS or WASD: move KEY: JUMP CHANGE: discharge electricity NUMBER 1-4: Emojis need to have facial features How is slime made?

Sports: diving, soccer, and volleyball The game may be pre-voted for by up to 4v4 players.

Size of Ball: Big Match Each match's victor receives 100 coins. Chance of Item Drop for Match Winner: 4096 Items' Potential Colors View Your Slime Shape Customized

Live match betting View the New Items in the Market Typically, the following game keyboard emotions are displayed: 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively.

Create a squad to collaborate with friends. Less accessible system of achievements

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