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Short Ride


About Short Ride

Short Ride is the craziest driving game you will ever experience. A horror adventure with challenges along the way that will make you cautious.

Short Ride can be classified as a fruit game, an action-adventure game, a racing game, an obstacle course game, or even a game with death traps, but one thing is certain: it's a lot of fun, as it offers the perfect combination of funny and horrific, all in a cartoony package that we absolutely love, and you will too!

Prepare to go on a Short Ride and have a long bloody good time!

The controls you use are the first element of the fundamentals we need to expose you to, and they are simple: you use the arrow keys for movement and the spacebar for action, which might signify various things depending on the circumstance and location you are in at the moment.

The game is divided into 20 levels, each with greater difficulty than the one before it, and the difficulties of these stages are determined by the amount of death traps you encounter along the road, as well as their severity and danger level.

Blades, seesaws, axes, electric fences and wires, trampolines, dinosaur heads with giant spiky teeth that eat you up, spikes in the ground, incredibly steep steps, large granite boulders, ramps or platforms to jump on, and a variety of other obstacles that hinder your way throughout your bicycle ride.

Of course, they are not your typical hurdles, since if you don't care about how to get past them, your hero generally gets mauled, cut, loses limbs, his face, and suffers other injuries. You lose if he becomes too wounded and is unable to continue.

Of course, you may continue as long as he has the minimum amount of power left in him, and if you can reach the finish line of a level even in horrible health, congrats to you!

You may design your own world and be the ruler of your own rides!

Don't get discouraged if you lose a lot, but try to see the humor in how this virtual avatar is pummeled up level after level! If that isn't enough, there's a Level Editor mode where you can create your own route and stage using your imagination, as well as the items available in the menu: shapes, stairs, balls, boxes, stars, some of the aforementioned dangers, and vehicles, with you having pogo sticks, hoverboards, and shopping carts at your disposal.

The main hero you control appears to be your average hipster, with an undercut and beard, an untucked shirt over a white tee, and really big bags under his eyes from overworking himself, but with the money you earn from completing levels, you can unlock new designs of people, each with their own unique characteristics, but all with the same sad face.

Allow the dreadful adventure to begin immediately, attempt to survive its numerous horrors, and be sure to check out other comparable games to this one after you're through here!

How to play

  • Left and right arrow keys / A, D - Move left and right
  • Up arrow / W - Accelerate
  • Space bar - Get on/off the bicycle
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