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Shell Shockers


About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a very popular game these days. With a fun game space, high drama has made this game a lot of people want to conquer. Can you win?

As you engage in combat across many planets in Shell Shockers, you are equipped with snipers, handguns, veggies, grenades, and many more weapons. You must use eggs as weapons.

A multiplayer online FPS game called Shell Shockers has characters that are gun-toting eggs. In one of three online game types, you command one of these eggs: Groups, a free-for-all, Captula the Spatula shatters your opponents with gunfire and explosives.

Teams: Choose a red or blue team, then utilize your talents to engage in combat inside enemy eggs to help your team score the most kills.

Open To All: Each egg will defend itself in battle. In this mode, shooting if you find an egg has a single winner similar to fighting games.

Two teams, red and blue, compete in Captula the Spatula. The team using the spatula earns points for kills but loses points when a player is killed.

Shell Shockers has eight different kinds of weaponry. Every weapon has a unique attribute and should be utilized in certain circumstances. Here is a list of the weapons used by the Shell Shockers:

  • EggK-47 (use in Soldier)
  • Twelve Gauge (use in Scrambler)
  • RPEGG (use in Eggsploder)
  • CSG-1 (use in Free Ranger)
  • SMEGG (use in Whipper)
  • M2DZ (use in Crackshot)
  • TriHard
  • Call 9mm (Secondary pistol - Always have)
  • Grenade (Always have)

How many maps are there in Shell Shockers? There are now 21 distinct playable maps in Shell Shockers, and more are constantly being created.

Shell Shockers' trait

  • first-person shooter gameplay that moves quickly
  • Have a distinctive motif with egg-based characters.
  • There are several weapons and game types available.
  • Customizable eggs and a place to purchase more goods

How to play Shell Shockers

  • Move about by using the WASD or Arrow buttons. Jump with the spacebar.
  • LMB is used to shoot, while LShift is used to aim.
  • To launch a grenade, press Q.
  • R: Reloading your weapon
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