About Sheep13

Your farm is in danger of being cursed, so act now. Sheep13 is a survival strategy game in which a demon sheep has infiltrated your farm try to destroy it.

Lambs used to be lovely until one of them was possessed by a demon war with a plot to turn your farm into a diabolical domain. The mission is extremely urgent, you need to find this scary sheep to find a way to destroy it before it acts.

This game will give you two choices, 1 is to transform into a sheep that eats 20 blades of grass to turn into a demon sheep. The second is to turn into a farmer to hunt for devil sheep. If you transform into a farmer when you suspect a certain sheep, put it in the grinder. Be careful with this when you harm an innocent sheep you will be punished.

Things are not easy when everything is so sophisticated, pay attention to the smallest details to be able to detect suspicious details. On the screen, there will be a small chat box where other online players predict the devil sheep.

Game rules for characters

  • If you want to transform into a demon sheep to invade
  • On the farm, you have to consume 20 stalks of grass to turn into a demon.
  • Try to own a farmer when you are a demonic creature.
  • Farmer: you need to observe all the sheep, the demon sheep will have suspicious actions, keep an eye out. When you suspect a certain sheep, put them in the meat grinder to kill them.


  • In this game you need to use a WASD keyboard to play
  • Press space to manipulate.
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