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About SeaDragons.io

SeaDragons.io is a game inspired by a snake game. In this game, you will be transformed into a sea monster on the bottom of the ocean hunting to be able to survive.

You assume the role of a legendary animal that dwells in the ocean's depths and faces out against others of its kind for survival. To become longer and larger, one eats fish and plankton orbs. You are more hazardous to other sea dragons if you are larger. While completing tasks, you may get new cards with different sea dragon species.

How to play

Drag the mouse to direct the movement of your dragon. Simply click or hold the left mouse button to make your dragon move.
Just remember that you become lighter while you run. Use it prudently.

Life depends on how long your body is. The longer you are, the more likely you are to catch other dragons. But be careful; keep your head away from other people's bodies, regardless of how much size you put on. Failure comes with a single strike.

To level up current species and unlock new ones, collect cards. The greater a dragon's level, the longer its body is at first.

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