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Rugby Kicks


About Rugby Kicks

Rugby Kicks is a unique sports game that makes you explode with excitement. Attractive gameplay will make you happy and relaxed showing your natural athletic ability

Welsh, Scottish, English, or Ireland? You may be Italian or even French. No matter where you're from, you'll want to make your rugby team proud by sharpening your abilities and scoring plenty of points!


Between the posts, aim cautiously. Even if it seems so apparent, if you don't move the needle in the proper way, you may as well give up.

You shouldn't have any issues with kicks coming from in front of the posts since they indicate a large target.

Since your target is significantly smaller when you kick from closer to the side of the field, it is very crucial to have perfect aim.


Don't kick the ball as hard as you can or you'll lose accuracy and get a score of 0!

If you don't give it enough force, your kick won't go far enough, making you a zero rather than a hero.


You've probably seen elite rugby players take kicks; they take their time to breathe properly before doing so. This prevents them from snatching or cutting the ball wide. Learn by observing them. Keep calm and improve your aim and power!


To guide the ball, tap the screen at the appropriate time.

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