About Real Football

Welcome to the football matches that the Real Football game brings. There are many modes for you to choose from with your teammates to create thrilling matches.

In the world of sports, football is always considered the king sport by the number of people who love it all over the world. The football matches that took place were meticulously watched by the fans. It is also because of such great love for football that the games about this sport are very developed. The core of the game Real Football wants to bring is the true feeling for players with the desire to feel the most authentic on the field. Trophy and Tournament are two separate sub-options that can be selected using the Mode option. There are many world-famous teams and organizations to compete in each scenario.

After football, basketball is probably second and the sport ranks second with the number of people who love it. If you also like this subject, then Basketball Stars is a game that gives you an additional entertainment option.

Features of the game

  • Entertaining gameplay.
  • You can design and personalize your squad.
  • Plenty of awards and achievements to earn and amass.
  • Intuitive controls.

The gameplay

When participating in this game you can run by clicking on the field, pass the ball to your teammates by clicking on them and shoot the ball by clicking on your player's name in the bottom right corner of the screen.

In addition to all these elements, you will also need to complete daily quests. It could be anything from playing a sport in the rain to kicking a penalty kick. These things can happen to anyone. After you finish with them you will get money. You can buy power-ups with this cash, and you can also use it to personalize your game in any way you choose.

Can you prove to the other teams that you alone deserve to win the trophy and be the champion? It's time for you to unleash your power, conceding the opponent's goal.

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