About Pirate Defense

Pirate Defense is a game that strikes a balance between strategy and action. Try to protect your peaceful village from the onslaught of invaders.

Many gaming genres place a high value on preparation and planning. Some players would rather think things out thoroughly than attack the game head-on. And there are several playstyles that encourage that mindset. Unfortunately, they frequently sacrifice enjoyment for a too-tactical approach. A game called Pirate Defense achieves the ideal harmony between strategy and action. A tranquil community is being raided by hundreds of cutthroats. Build defenses, employ competent soldiers, and station them along the attack line. Kill the enemy as they come, and save the civilians from a dreadful fate. Become the realm's defender and drive the invaders back to their starting point.


  • Featureswitty idea with a vivid and enduring message.
  • Amusing animations and amazing 2D visuals with a very cartoonish look.
  • Dozens of custom-made levels with distinctive layouts.
  • A wide range of upgradeable units is available.
  • Multiple effective team arrangements.

How to play

To place your units, simply drag them to the highlighted tile and drop them there. Invading opponents will immediately be attacked by your units. Tap on the unit you want to upgrade, then select the upgrade option from the pop-up menu.

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