About Penalty Kicks

Penalty Kicks is a brainstorming penalty shootout simulation game. You become a striker and a goalkeeper fighting to bring home victory. Stay in good shape.

Football is all about accuracy and skills, but this fantastic game is the real proof of this, so let's get to work and start practicing this fantastic and so cool Football Penalty Kicks game, which challenges you to use the mouse to successfully swipe the ball to the goal in order to show off your skills, talents, and abilities of scoring, which is the most important in the middle of a football game. Swipe the ball in one movement, attempting to make the goalie leap to the other side so that even if he guesses the side you want to shoot from, you must fire with such precision that the shot cannot be stopped. Get to work right away and show that you are the greatest football player, practicing just penalty kicks and shots, so let's get work right away, attempting to win this game and learn about football in this fantastic journey. Good luck one final time and show that you are the greatest when it comes to this awesome and wonderful shooting with football balls game where it will be only you versus the goalie, so concentrate!


  • Drag the left mouse button
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