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Parkour Race


About Parkour Race

Parkour Race is a racing game that tests your parkour skills. Try to beat other players in high-speed rooftop races in this sport game. To overcome difficult barriers, you must leap, flip, jump, and drop with precision in the game. Avoid falling and losing time by making split-second decisions and reacting quickly to stay ahead of the competition. Win races to obtain fantastic costumes to customize your character and show off your style. Parkour Race has 100 levels with different challenges and parkour chances. The game has vivid colors and fast animations, and booster points might give you an edge over opponents.

How to Play

  • Dash from rooftop to another in high-speed races.
  • Leap, flip, jump, and drop to overcome obstacles.
  • Avoid falling to prevent losing precious time.
  • Make split-second decisions to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Unlock epic costumes by winning races.
  • Customize your character with various skins and outfits.
  • Collect booster points along the course to gain a critical edge.

Enjoy the vibrant graphics and fluid animations as you race to victory.

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