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One Line


About One Line

One Line is a puzzle game where you need to draw to protect the man. There are more challenges for you to experience than in other games of the same genre.

The One-Line Puzzle

Draw lines to get away from a number of terrifying situations! The man will soon be surrounded by boulders, gunshots, giants, bees, and a lot more things.

You may shield this stupid man by drawing a single line that prevents the threat from coming near him. As you go, the riddles become a bit more challenging, and each level introduces fresh ideas.


  • There are frequently several ways to draw a line that is sufficient to keep the figure alive.
  • To finish the level, you just need to keep the man safe for three seconds.
  • Consider inventive ways to shield the man with a single line.
  • When you're stuck, use the tips; they'll help you figure out the best line.


  • playablefactory made One Line.

Release Date

  • September 2022


  • To sketch drag the left mouse button.
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