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NBA Hoop Troop


About NBA Hoop Troop

NBA Hoop Troop is a game you definitely won't be able to refuse if you are a sports lover. Dramatic matches are waiting for captains like you to lead.

Although basketball games are often played on a concrete court in the schoolyard behind a big metal fence, you may learn the basketball rules here. This game is played on the street since all of the field's walls are drawn with graphite. If you start the game, you'll need to sprint as far as you can on the other side of the court to make a 2- or 3-point goal.

Watch out for opponents who are on your way to steal your ball. Once you are in front of the hoop, you may leap up and use all sorts of strategies and techniques to increase your score. If an opponent has stolen your ball, you will be able to chase after it, and you may precisely guide the player's movement using the mouse. After stealing the ball using the arrow keys, sprint the other way right away. The computer-controlled players will be clothed as enormous, yellow bears, while the actual participants in the game will be portrayed as real humans wearing animal costumes.

Are you a sports lover? So the stars in the game Basketball Stars are waiting for you to show your ability

How to play NBA Hoop Troop:

Play basketball 2 versus 2 in a fantastic 3D setting. Very enjoyable and straightforward to learn. Choose an NBA team and compete on three distinct courts (arena, rooftop, beach). To move your player around the court, use the arrow keys. Hit the Z key to transfer the ball to a teammate or steal it from an opponent. To spin and avoid other players, click the X key. To shoot at the opponent's basket, press the space. Win as many games as you can to become the NBA Hoop Troop game master!

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