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Mr Speedy The Cat


About Mr Speedy The Cat

Mr Speedy The Cat is an interesting game, you can transform into a naughty cat climbing on the roofs to visit the city. Are you confident enough to win?

Enjoy 2022's, top cat runner. Start out with an enjoyable rooftop run, practice ice sliding, and establish yourself as an unbeatable desert rider. Master the flip in a scroller game!

Due to their simple tap-tap controls and addictive avoider action, runner games continue to be the most popular hypercasual games. They are excellent pass the time since they include lively music, fluid character animation, and a range of bonuses and obstacles to capture or avoid. The principle is shown by the cat running game. You won't be able to put your gadget down once you try it, so do it immediately!


Download a venerable endless scrolling game.
Unlock three-level packs with various difficulties and settings.
Have fun playing the addictive tap-tap game.
Use a family-friendly cat runner.
Develop your somersault and backflip skills.

Top hypercasual arcade games, as was already established, are all about diversity. The cat game has you learn new dodging techniques by sending you to the desert and the Antarctic to keep things challenging. Do you like playing ice-sliding games? Good! Because hilltop racing and desert survival are now necessary. Prepare for quicksand and treacherous wastelands while showcasing your gaming skills. So, leap and run to pass the time, but don't be the protagonist of a silly cat hero race.

How to play

The black cat appears at three distinct locations throughout the avoiding game. As the tutorial walks you through the fundamentals of the game, it all begins as a rooftop running game that almost seems like a parkour challenge. Your goal is to assist Mr Speedy in surviving the insane nighttime race. During your unending run, press the screen once to leap over chimneys and passageways, and tap twice to flip and jump over larger obstacles. Please keep in mind that you must gather stars in order to fill Mister Speedy's power leap meter, which enables him to execute backflips.

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