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Mountain Operation

About Mountain Operation

Mountain Operation is one of those shooting games full of dramatic colours that anyone who loves this game genre will love. It's time to destroy them all

Play Mountain Operation if you like difficult military tasks. Cold wind, elevated terrain, and several adversaries who fantasize about shooting you... Fortunately, you are well-equipped and skilled to neutralize any danger. Protect the area, then inform your commander that you were successful.

Preparing for the Heat

Despite your experience as an agent, you never go into a battle unprepared. Check your arsenal and familiarize yourself with the weaponry. Seven varieties are allowed for you to bring into combat. Try the M4 and other combat veterans, as well as the famed Ak47 (with or without a scope). But you only have so much ammunition. So, save your ammunition and go at the head for quick kills.

The social game's mission objectives

The primary objective on the field is to eliminate your adversaries. A hint: You could materialize in front of them. Therefore, be on watch right away. Take shelter by using the surrounding area, vehicles, and structures. To get an edge, climb onto containers and fire from above. Simply said, carry out all of your training. Using a total of 2 maps, use a variety of strategies. Find the most efficient method and streamline the process as much as you can.

Release Date

The game was released in July 2019


oneru220 is the publisher of this great game


Fullscreen is accessible
2 maps
Six firearms

How to play

  • Click the RMB to aim, then the LMB to shoot while moving with WASD.
  • Remember to reload with R.
  • Use the crouched mode with C while using Space to jump.
  • The most crucial step is to change your firearms using numbers 2 through 7.
  • Keep in mind that their hit ranges vary. Others are useful when they are nearby, while some repel enemies from a distance.

You may engage enemies one at a time in the first round. Take your shots while sneaking up on them. The second, however, puts you against groups of two troops. Keep an eye on your health bar and strike from the cover.

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