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Moto X3M


About Moto X3M

In the frantic racing game Moto X3M, you control a motorcycle to navigate a variety of challenges. Make every effort to get there as quickly as you can.

Your heart will undoubtedly race while you play this game. The Moto X3M is for our site's thrill-seekers. Along with providing amusement, the game may put their abilities and reflexes to the test. You will be awarded more the riskier the path is. You do airborne tricks on these routes to gain time. Thus, front flips and overturning are strongly advised. In rare circumstances, getting three stars can even be required. To avoid having to repeat the level or return to the previous checkpoint, don't push yourself too hard to get the oil to the ground. A level may be completed with one to three stars. The time of the player will determine everything. The game will be more challenging since each level will have a time limit that the player must surpass in order to get three stars. At first, getting three stars is simple, but subsequent stages need flawless driving abilities. You may purchase two new motorcycles using the stars you earn for finishing levels. There are a total of 22 tracks in this game. The courses begin with a few straightforward hurdles until a plethora of traps and barriers slow you down. MadPuffers created the game, which was made available in May 2015. Both desktop and mobile devices may be used to play this online browser game.

Specifications of the game

  • Basic controls and simple gameplay
  • Stay clear of roadblocks.
  • Get celebrities to purchase new vehicles
  • Step up
  • An interesting and fun game.

How to play

  • To speed things up, use the up arrow key.
  • Using the left and right arrow keys, balance your bicycle.
  • Press the down arrow key to interrupt.
  • Flips and other acrobatics may be done to gain time.
  • You may do a flip to speed up the final time and get a perfect score.
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