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Maze: Path of Light

About Maze: Path of Light

Maze: Path of Light is the most popular intelligent thinking puzzle game today. You need to show your keen eye and intelligence to get through the gate.

Play relaxing traditional maze games or discover a variety of original mazes featuring square, circular, and triangle labyrinth games. With lovely mazes and straightforward routes, you'll be aware that certain unique mazes are also accessible, such as those with rabbit, guitar, or tree mazes. Enjoy solving this captivating puzzle to reach the exit.

You play as a beam of light through a maze in the puzzle game Maze: Path of Light. To advance to the next level, your goal is to make it to the end of each maze. You progress by choosing a direction at each fork on the route and directing the light beam in that direction. Prior to making a decision, consider the best course of action! Are you prepared to unwind with this enjoyable labyrinth game?

How to play

  • Swipe to navigate the light through the maze and reach the exit.
  • Try to navigate simpler mazes for relaxation, or try harder ones.
  • Learn to navigate the square, triangle, hexagonal, and circular mazes
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