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Linebacker Alley 2

About Linebacker Alley 2

Linebacker Alley 2 is the most popular sports game today to help you satisfy your passion. Your task is to prepare mentally to win this fierce battle

The aim of Linebacker Alley 2 is to burst through your opponent's defensive lines and score a touchdown. Each touchdown you score unlocks a new level with additional opponents attempting to tackle you. You may sprint all around the pitch in this edition, not just down the alley. There are 14 levels in the game.

Do you have what it takes to go down in history? Find out! On the route to the end zone, return kickoffs and juke linebackers. Upgrade you're running back to get a faster boost that lasts longer. Collect more juke maneuvers to make the linebackers miss and earn money for blockers. Start as a Rookie and work your way up to Legend!

You can find it on this website. You play on a 100-yard field and score head-to-head on major levels. You dash as far as you can in the bonus rounds while earning cash to buy improvements and become stronger. Blocking, spinning techniques, speed improvements, and flips are among the available upgrades. It is very difficult to win. Do you believe in your ability?

How to play Linebacker Alley 2:

  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Boost - W
  • Spin - S
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