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Linebacker Alley


About Linebacker Alley

Linebacker Alley is an extremely dramatic game full of charisma when you play against today's top teams. Your task is to beat your opponent to the finish line.

Run as far as you can in four downs! Avoid linebackers who twist or step to the side. To acquire the BLAST POWER boost, gather the rugby balls and run them over. Arrow keys are used to move. For football maneuvers, use A or D with the arrow keys. To dodge the linebackers' tackles, use dodging techniques. Slowing down might sometimes help you evade your opponents. On the right side, keep an eye on your score. Can you get past the tough linebackers to the end zone?

Of course, you'll need to demonstrate your incredible skills and abilities, so let's get to work right away. Every opponent player who will be coming from the front side and from each side must be successfully avoided in order for you to get on the other side of the American Football field and score an amazing touchdown. Let's get things done right away, and don't forget that in this unique and athletic assignment designed only for you, you must be the greatest! Become a legend in this wonderful and intense sport by winning championships one by one and completing them to ultimately unlock the next stages, which will grow tougher and harder and provide some genuine obstacles for an explorer like you. Let's complete this assignment immediately, and don't forget that you must be the greatest.

How to play

  • Use the mouse or keys to move your player
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