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Kung Fu Panda: Hoops Madness


About Kung Fu Panda: Hoops Madness

Kool Fury: Hoops Madness lets you play basketball against Po, the dragon fighter. Po's karate skills make the game tough and fun. To beat Po, you need to make perfect shots into the basket. You or Po have to hit four shots for the game to end.

How to Play

  • Aim carefully using the mouse to set the trajectory of your shot.
  • Click to throw the ball into the ring.
  • Make four accurate hits to win the game before Po does.
  • Monitor your hits and Po’s hits in the upper block of the game screen.
  • Adjust the angle of the ball's flight before each shot for better accuracy.
  • Compete with Po and demonstrate your basketball skills against the legendary dragon warrior.

Use these controls and strategies to master the game, showcasing your ability to compete with Po.

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