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Junkyard Jam


About Junkyard Jam

Junkyard Jam will be a game full of novelty for professional gamers. Not only does this game give you an entertaining space, but it also forges your ability

In Junkyard Jam, a basketball game, you play against Pal, a magnificent super robot hero from the amazing universe of Annedroids, who wants to win and show that he is superior to you. The objective of both game modes, junkyard and obstacles mode, is to accumulate as many points as you can from all of your attempts. The objective is to utilize the panels on the bottom left, bottom right, and bottom side of the game screen to choose the appropriate intensity, power, direction, and trajectory of the basketball in an effort to quickly put the ball into the hoop. Make sure to shoot successfully in that direction as well, focusing on scoring a lot of points and defeating Pal, who will get better and better as the levels pass and your progress in them. The basket will move in a new direction after each successful shot you give it, so make sure to shoot successfully in that direction too. For a full and successful gaming session, remember to follow the directions from the game screen in addition to the rules I have provided for you.

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How to play junkyard Jam:

  • Use the mouse to align and throw
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