About Jump Duck

Jump Duck is a game that cannot deny its appeal. The ball is not as easy to throw in the basket as you think there are many challenges that need you to overcome

In this game, you will be practicing with the first level quite simply to grasp how to play. You will then have to compete directly with another player to win. The knowledge of physics when you will jump on the dance mat and measure the distance to throw into the basket.

110 participants enjoy the online 3D game Jump Dunk to a perfect score. Jump Dunk is a brand-new arcade game that has made it to the list of the most played titles. The game's 3D visuals and gameplay are both captivating. You have to direct the game's characters to hurl basketballs into the air. It's important to note that the initial level is rather easy while the latter ones get more challenging.

How to play

It's not easy to score, you need to align with the distance and click to throw your ball

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