About JollyWorld

JollyWorld is a very interesting physics driving game that brings a lot of new experiences to the players for the first time. Show off your driving skills.

Grab your preferred bike, enter one of the numerous levels created by users, and get lost in exciting, original landscapes that are rife with peril and surprises. You must carefully follow the laws of physics if you want to survive since you are at their mercy. Ride or leap past the obstacles while keeping your balance on the bike to avoid being harmed. Even gadgets like the grappling hook and the Skippyball will be available to you to aid you in your travels. JollyWorld is like a hundred distinct games rolled into one since each level has a new setting, challenges, and goals. Remember to switch up your avatar, check out and vote on the levels made by other players, and use the Editor to make your own!

How to play

  • Select one of the levels from the list that appears after clicking the "Play" button on the main menu.
  • WASD or the arrow keys to ride Jump Z Circulate
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