About Ice Hockey Shootout

Ice Hockey Shootout is a game that is sure to keep you hooked if you love sports. It's time to relax and show off your genius to your friends.

The ice rink is open for business. The stadium has reached capacity. The audience is chanting. You are the focus of everyone's attention. Swipe the ball towards the goalkeeper's direction. When you prepare to shoot the ball, you will see some red targets on the net. You can hit the ball into them. Be careful of goalkeepers and prominent defenders. They will prevent you from scoring at all costs.

Moreover, they can move, so you must wait to find the loopholes and shoot the ball immediately. The opponents' speed will be faster and faster, and they also have varying degrees of intelligence. Let’s be a good obverse. 

Besides, you also need to look at your attempts. When they run out, the game will be over. However, you can recover them by scoring more than two points continuously. How many goals do you think you can achieve? With a high score, you can unlock many new pucks, such as sardine cans and cheese pucks. Hope you will have a relaxing time! Good luck!

Features of Ice Hockey Shootout

  • Easy gameplay, simple control
  • Suitable for all ages, even children
  • Shoot the ball into the bet.

How to play Ice Hockey Shootout:

  • Swipe the ball towards the direction of the goal. Goalies and big defenders should be avoided.
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