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About HoopGrids

HoopGrids is a viral trivia game that tests your knowledge of NBA history. It features a new three-by-three grid every day and asks you to identify a player that fits into two criteria. The more obscure the player, the higher your rarity score. You can compete with other players and see how you rank on the leaderboard.

Game Features

• A daily grid with nine categories to choose from

• A database of over 4,000 players and 1,000+ blocks.

• A rarity score that reflects how common or rare your answer is

• A Hall of Fame section that showcases the best answers of all time

• A leaderboard that ranks the top players by rarity score, blocks or Hall of Fame entries

How to Play HoopGrids

• Choose a category from the grid and type in a player's name that matches it

• Repeat for another category until you have two players that fit into both

• Click on the "Submit" button and see your rarity score and block count

• Check the leaderboard and the Hall of Fame to see how you compare with other players

I hope this helps you understand HoopGrids better. Have fun playing!

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