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About Granny

Granny is a horror game waiting for you to discover. Surely this game will bring you to the most authentic emotions when you have to try to run away.

Granny has you imprisoned in her home right now. You wake up in a dark room with just your flashlight laying on a table to light the way; you have a headache and it seems like someone has smacked you in the head. As a consequence, you must leave her house, but you must be careful and keep quiet. She can hear everything. If you drop anything on the floor, she will notice and rush up to you. You may hide in closets or below beds, but you must be careful that she does not find where you are hiding.

Just be sure that spooky Granny doesn't find out since she doesn't like disobedient children. It will be difficult since the wicked grandmother has excellent hearing. As a result, if she hears you making a disturbance, she will hurry over. If you are caught by Granny or her traps, you'll miss a day and wake up in bed the following evening. Keep in mind that you only have five days to flee!

Tips and Tricks

  • Make a racket in one room while entering another. Through the din, Granny can hear you. When you need to accomplish anything time-consuming, use this approach to distract her attention.
  • Remember that if Granny spots you approaching a hiding area, she will not ignore you. Though she is incredibly focused and can pinpoint the source of any disturbance, she isn't very clever and is easily duped.
  • Search the home for the goods needed to defeat Granny. The objects you need are distributed at random, and there is no way to know where any item is situated at the start.
  • Attempt to drop goods without creating a sound. This may be accomplished by dropping goods on soft furniture, cupboards, desks, shelves, certain tables, and grass.
  • By noting the creaking flooring, you may avoid making noise. Then you'll be able to go across rooms much more softly.
  • Attempt to outrun Granny. Except at the toughest stages, you can outrun Granny if you don't get surrounded. Furthermore, you may stall her by shutting doors along her path.

How to play

  • Action = Escape
  • Move = WASD
  • Crouch/Stand = C
  • Hide/Unhide = R
  • Pickup/Interact = E
  • Drop = Space
  • Remove bear traps/Place/Use = F
  • Shoot = Left click
  • Spray = Left click.

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