About Goalkeeper Skills

Goalkeeper Skills is a pretty intense game where you have to catch free kicks. Do you confidently judge the correct direction of the ball?

Goalkeeper abilities are all about football, the king sport that provides you with plenty of excitement, positive energy, and happiness, but you need many hours of practice and failure before you succeed! Football gloves will be there, and you can manipulate them with the mouse in whatever direction you like up, down, left, or right so all you have to do is move them in the direction the football will go, tracking its trajectory, until you ultimately succeed in doing so and save every shot you can. You'll feel better after seeing some stunning visuals, so let's get started on our endeavor to become the best adventurer and goalie we can be. Follow the ball till it is near your goal, but be careful because it might alter its course in a few seconds. Make sure everything turns out well and you succeed in saving all the goals, or at least as many as it is possible, so you can lead your team to many victories!

How to play

You just need to move the mouse according to your judgment of the direction of the ball

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