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Foundation Kingdom Build Guard


About Foundation Kingdom Build Guard

Foundation Kingdom Build Guard is a mystical adventure game where you are free to build, mine, and farm to develop your land. Play the game now.

The player assumes the character of a young guy with fiery red hair and a gruff appearance who is intent on regaining control of the lost lands via exploration and reconquest. He decided to start his quest by cutting down one tree at a time in order to dispel the fog.

When the player clears away the forest, he opens up new areas of the map and comes face to face with the hostile creatures that have taken up residence there. These monstrous beings, whose minds have been warped by the haze and the conflict, spread mayhem and devastation everywhere they go. In order to regain the land and restore light to the earth, the player will have to engage in combat with them.

Features of the game

  • Learn about uncharted territories. Gathering materials using an ax and a pickaxe will assist you in finding new territories to explore.
  • Automate resource extraction. Work may now be done by the lumberjacks, farmers, and miners. They will be able to assist you in automating the process of resource extraction.
  • Investigate the unconventional method of farming. Are you worn out from cutting down trees and grinding iron ore? Get started in farming by various veggies, which you may feed to your animals.
  • Gain from the situation. The player has access to the market while playing the game. All of the resources that have been sold may be sold in this marketplace.
  • You must keep your kingdom safe. Every night, monsters will launch an assault on your kingdom in an effort to destroy all that you spent so much time and effort over the years. Don't allow this to come to pass! Construct fortifications and populate them with guards.

The playing rules

  • Use the WASD key to move the character.
  • Left-click to interact with the in-game UI.
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