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About Foosball

Foosball is an extremely enthusiastic game of the publisher for players. You can absolutely play Foosball anywhere and play with whoever you want.

Intro to foosball

Foosball is a pretty well-known game that many of the individuals in this room now connect with their youth.

When you play this game with your friends in the game mode, you will experience moments of really exciting enjoyment. After a long day at work, the game of foosball promises to make you giggle with its very basic gameplay.

How to play

We are happy to welcome you to our long-running Foosball game. You may play this game either on the computer or with friends. The soundtrack, however, also plays a role in each mode.

While you advance the ball or defend your goal, you must maintain control of your players. The first player to score five goals wins.

Up to five tournaments at varying degrees of difficulty are waiting for you in foosball.

The fact that this game can be played on both tablets and smartphones is fantastic.

Some advice from the Foosball

The game is quite straightforward but bears in mind that when you move, both your goalie and defender simultaneously move in opposing directions. Therefore, if you miss one row, the other row can also be out of place.

A corner kick or a kick against the wall has a greater chance of getting inside the goal than a direct kick that pushes it beyond the defense and keeper unless the keeper is on the opposite side of the net.

Features fromFoosball

  • Easy to control
  • Basic graphics
  • Classic game
  • Duo-player
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