About FlipSurf.io

FlipSurf.io is an exciting race against hundreds of other online players. The other players are desperate to speed up to win. Are you confident to win?

Grab your surfboard and sunscreen and play FlipSurf.io. At the starting line, a large number of competitors have claimed their spots and are awaiting your arrival. Can you prove to your competitors that you are the greatest surfer in your race as the lord of the waves?

The sea is clear and the sun is rising. Be ready for it's time to dip your toes in the water. To complete each race in the first position is your goal in this game. To begin the game, click the play button after giving your character a name and choosing their gender on the main screen.

How to play

When the race begins, your surfer will advance independently. Use the up and down arrow keys to flip them while they are in the air to get points. Prior to landing on the water's surface, remember to position yourself.

You'll stumble and lose the race if you can't. However, a flawless landing on the water will increase your speed. Your location is shown at the top of the screen. When you cross the finish line, a level is finished.

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