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About Flickball

Flickball is an exciting basketball game with images and physics that feel real. Your goal? Try to get as many balls into the hoop as you can in time. As the clock runs out, accuracy is key to getting the highest score before the time runs out.

How to Play

As the whistle signals the start of the round, you’re armed with four balls and a mere 30 seconds to make your mark.

  • Seize control of the ball as soon as the game begins.
  • Employ pinpoint accuracy to launch the ball towards the moving hoop.
  • Accumulate points with each successful shot, displayed prominently on a dial above the basket.
  • Sharpen your skills with each attempt.
  • Embrace the challenge and unleash a flurry of shots.

Aim to claim the title of the ultimate NBA virtuoso. Good luck, and may the baskets be ever in your favor!

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